5 Best Bean Bag Chairs of 2024 (+ Buyer’s Guide)

By Lisa S

Want to sink into a comfortable bean bag chair? Here are some quirky options that may fit your choice.

Most Extensive- Chill sack Bean Bag Chair

I am so happy with this beanbag. Its outer cover is very thick and soft, good zipper.

Most Comfortable – Anuwaa 4’ Bean Bag Chair

It is the most comfortable bean bag I’ve ever bought!

Best Shape- Sofa Sack ultra-soft Bean Bag

It is worth every cent. No other furniture compares to these in terms of comfort.

Best Quality- Habutway Bean Bag Chair

It is super comfortable and perfect for my room. It’s very soft.

Best Binge- Anuwaa Bean Bag Chair

Very good bean bag, soft and comfortable!

Bean bag chairs have become everyone’s favorite. The ergonomic design and comfort for all age groups make it unique. For reading or gaming, or to enjoy your cup of tea; bean bags provide relaxation.

If you are looking for some of the best suggestions, you will find them below. If you only want a guide, then read our Buyer’s Guide section.

5 Best Bean Bag Chairs

Item 1- Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Best Bean Bag Chairs

Is oversize a perfect fit for you? Then this bean bag chair suits your taste. The huge bean bag provides warmth and a home-like feeling. For this big size, it is breathable and won’t harm your skin.

The round shape contributes to the classic look. The bean bag cover is easy to wash.

Go through the benefits and disadvantages of this bean bag.

What we Like-

  • It has 31 color options to select from
  • The size of the bean bag is 5 feet
  • Huge enough to give you pleasant comfort
  • The material is moisture-resistant

What we don’t Like-

  • It has a very little foam
  • It takes more than 3 days to take its actual shape
  • Some buyers said it touched the ground as soon as they sat on it

Item 2- Anuwaa 4’ Bean Bag Chair

Best Bean Bag Chairs

If you want a smaller bean bag, check the Anuwaa 3 feet bean bag. But, if you want a bigger one, here’s a bean bag of 4 feet. If the sizes of 3 & 4 feet are too huge for you, there is a smaller size as well.

The bean bag is lightweight. This adds that the bean bag chair is movable. The colors are retro which suits the theme of the bean bag. To style your space with an old-school vibe, this bean bag is the best addition.

What we Like-

  • The bean bag is very flexible
  • The material is washable
  • It has double stitching for utmost durability & strength

What we don’t Like-

  • Shredded foam is hard so may not be satisfying
  • It takes around 48 hours to take its complete shape due to the bigger size

Item 3- Sofa Sack ultra-soft Bean Bag

Best Bean Bag Chairs

Are you a fan of retro items? If the answer is yes, the Sofa Sack bean bag is for you. If you have always adored hippy bean bags, you will love this one too. It has a retro design with a modern touch.

The sizes are available for children, teenagers, and adults. The adult size is big enough for more than 3 people. The ultra-soft fabric gives you enough comfort across all seasons.

What we Like-

  • Provides a cushion structure to support your back
  • The material is appropriate to sit for long hours
  • Fashionable colors to choose from
  • The soft material is delicate on the skin of children and pets as well

What we don’t Like-

  • The customers said that the zipper was not accessible. So, they could not wash the bean bag
  • It takes around 24 hours for full expansion

Item 4- Habutway Bean Bag Chair

Best Bean Bag Chairs

Do you love giant bean bags? This 4 feet bean bag is super huge and cozy. If you aim to buy a high-quality bean bag, go with Habutway bean bags. You can wash the removable cover in the washing machine.

The material adds a soft & silky touch to the bean bag chair. This one is comfortable for a long movie night as well. The giant size of the bean bag will need some extra space. So, buy this if you have larger rooms.

What we Like-

  • Big enough for 2-3 people
  • It has a memory form that adds softness
  • It has a pull tab so you can pull the bean bag anywhere without hassle
  • This bean bag has a pocket to keep your items

What we don’t Like-

  • Buyers think the bean bag is heavy
  • For many, the foam quantity was less

Item 5- Anuwaa 3’ Bean Bag Chair

Best Bean Bag Chairs

The bean bag chair has shredded foam. If your bean bag breaks someday, the foam won’t create a mess. The removable microfiber cover comes in a variety of colors. The zippers are invisible. There is an extra zipper at the side to store your mobile phone, your earpiece, gaming remote, or even your TV remote.

For anyone seeking a reasonable bean bag chair, Anuwaa is what you should look for. This bean bag has a height of 3 feet. If you are looking for a bigger bean bag, check the other option in this article.

What we Like-

  • This bean bag is the most affordable option
  • You can wash it in the machine
  • It is stain-resistant

What we don’t Like-

  • Some customers could not sit comfortably due to the hard foam material
  • Animal hair is a little hard to remove from microfiber clothing

The Best Bean Bag Chair

After going through a list of the best bean bags, the clear winner is Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair. It is inexpensive, comfortable, stylish, and perfect. If you need one final option, this is it.

For a periodic style, we suggest Sofa Sack ultra-soft Bean Bag. The design of the bean bag speaks for itself. What makes it on this list is its softer material.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Bean Bag Chairs

Cover Fabric

  • In earlier times, bean bag material was leather. But in recent times, you will find materials like- microfiber, nylon, polyester, and a few more. Out of these, some fabrics are easy to clean while some need high maintenance.
  • Nylon is water resistant but also tough to use in the summer season. Plush material is soft and feels like a blanket. Such materials are good for children too.
  • The removable covers are convenient to wash even in a machine. These covers come in different colors. Depending on the interior and need, you can choose the cover. Removable covers allow you to change the color as and when needed.

Comfort & Support

  • Whatever you sit on, it has to be adjustable for your body. No one wants back pain after a movie or gaming. To avoid such painful circumstances, always check for a supportive bean bag.
  • The support and comfort may depend on your body weight. A bigger size of bean bag provides rest to your body. Some bean bag chairs do not support your neck. This can be uncomfortable while reading.

  • Invest in a bean bag that sustains your body for a long time. A point you should note is that the rotation of these bean bags is a must. This allows the shaping of the bean bag according to your body contour.

Size of the bean bag

  • The bean bag chairs differ in size for children, teenagers, and adults. It is obvious that adults need bigger bean bags. But for adults too, sizes vary.
  • It is necessary to buy a good size because the better the size, the better the comfort. Wrong sizes end up giving you unwanted body aches.
  • Check the image below to see the sizes of the bean bag-

  • If you want more clarity, we have another image to explain you-

So, we hope that these images will help you find a quintessential bean bag chair.

Fillings in the bean bag

  • We call it a bean bag because there are beans in it. But gone are those days. The bean bags of modern times have a variety of fillings in them. Some bean bags have pellets of polyester. They are light in weight but compress very fast.
  • Shredded foam is another filling option. Though this foam is hard, it is easy to put it back in the bag if you ever remove it. Memory foam is so far the best choice. This foam is soft and provides luxurious comfort.
  • The most common type of filling is polyester beans. The beans are cheaper than foam. These are also non-biodegradable. Hence, they are harmful to the environment.

Type of Cleaning

  • Bean bags need cleaning. Like your curtains, you should wash your bean bag cover. Have you thought about how you are going to clean it? There are two types of cover cleaning methods-

Spot cleaning

This is a problem with the covers that you cannot remove. You have to use a chemical solution to clean the bean bag chair. Dry cleaning is another option.

Machine wash

This one is simple. Remove the cover of the bean bag and throw it in your washing machine. But not all removable covers are easy to wash.


Everyone, these were some of the best bean bag chairs that we could suggest to you. If there is anything more you need, explore as many bean bag chairs as you can.

Our Buying guide will help you consider certain features before investing in a bean bag chair.

Get more such suggestions and reviews of the products here.