5 Best Air Filtration System (For WoodWorking) of 2024

By Lisa S

You might like the smell of fresh wood but do you know that it is harmful? An Air Filtration System (For WoodWorking) can help you stay safe. It protects you from the hazardous smell of wood.

Check out the 5 Best Air Filtration Systems (For WoodWorking) along with the Buying Guide.

Best Overall- Jet Air Filtration System

I certainly recommend this air filtration unit

Best SpeedDenwenny Air Filtration System

It does clean the air. I no longer see dust particles floating in the sunshine

Best FeaturesDecDust Air Filtration System

I love that I can turn this filter on while we are working and leave it running on a timer

Best Splurge- Purisystems Air Filtration System

The unit was easy to install and works well.

Best PriceAbestorm Air Filtration System

A good solution to my asthma and allergy problems. I recommend this one

If you shave the wood yourselves or have it anywhere near you, be cautious. The minute or nanoparticles of dust wood are dangerous for the respiratory system. An Air Filtration System (For WoodWorking) releases fresh air.

It also removes harmful contaminants. The toxic smell, Nano dust particles, and smoke from wood make breathing difficult. Scientific Research warns of a lot of health problems through the dust.

Item 1- Jet

Jet Air Filtration System

This Air Filtration System has 2 filters. The brand claims that the outer filter captures 98% of 5-micron particles. The inner filter can capture up to 85% of 1-micron particles. You can use the 4 eye bolts on the top of the machine to hang it on the ceiling.

The remote control comes in with an in-built timer of 2/4/8 hours. As per your air filtration requirement you can choose the speed – 550, 702, or 1044 CFM.

What We Like

  • The inner pocket filter is removable and reusable
  • It has grip handles that allow easy portability
  • The brand assures a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • It has an electronic filter that attracts more particles than other regular filters
  • The machine has rubber feet that prevent marring the surface
  • AAA batteries come in the package

What We Don’t Like

  • As per some buyers, the remote does not work when the fluorescent lights are ON due to Faraday Effect
  • Some customers say the fan wobbles a lot
  • Using the timer setting was challenging for some users

Item 2- Denwenny

Denwenny Air Filtration System

If you are looking forward to buying only filters, see the Denwenny MERV-11 filters. These 4 filters can filter 90% μm particles and 85% of 1 μm particles. It filters out sawdust, mold, lint, and even smoke.

These are lightweight and fit the Denwenny Kingmaster F12 /F12D perfectly. The company suggests changing the filters within 4 to 5 months. But if your environment is too dirty or polluted, change these every 3 months.

For easy accessibility, the filter frames have arrows to understand airflow direction.

What We Like

  • These filters work great in larger rooms as well
  • The powerful filters capture all the dust and particles finely
  • These come with a 360-degree intake design to capture dust from all directions

What We Don’t Like

  • The brand does not claim any warranty on these filters
  • These filters are compatible with Denwenny Air Filtration System only

Item 3- DecDust

DecDust Air Filtration System

The DecDust Air Filtration System comes with exciting features. It has an in-built Ionizer function that produces positive and negative ions. These ions help in dust removal and odor elimination. Thus, it improves the air quality.

This Air Filtration System has powerful speeds – 650, 850, and 1100 CFM. Along with the hanging feature, you get 2 handles on the sides for easy movability.

What We Like

  • It comes with 2 control options – remote control and panel touch operation
  • The remote works well even from 26 feet distance
  • The Filtration System captures pet sawdust along with dust and smoke
  • The timer controls range from 1 hour to 6 hours
  • The brand provides a 2-year warranty on this Air Filtration System

What We Don’t Like

  • Some buyers are not happy with the quality of the motor
  • As per a few customers, the wires were loose and they had to fix them

Item 4- Purisystems

Purisystems Air Filtration System

The Purisystems Air Filtration System comes with removable and reusable filters. The outer filter removes larger particles. And the inner filter removes the smaller particles.

The filters remove wood dust, sand, sawdust, and debris dust. This filtration system machine is easy to hang and the handles allow portability. After the time designation, the system will turn OFF on its own.

Along with the remote, you get a touchpad on the machine. This dual-operating mechanism adds another great feature.

What We Like

  • 2 patterns are available
  • The company provides a 2-year warranty with 24 hours customer support assistance
  • The machine is ETL certified
  • This air filtration system is perfect for extremely large areas

What We Don’t Like

  • It produces noise of around 77dB. It is loud than other filtration systems
  • Even if you reduce the speed of the fan the noise remains the same

Item 5- Abestorm

Abestorm Air Filtration System

For a pocket-friendly option, see this one. The Abestorm Air Filtration System has 3 airflow speeds – 350 CFM, 450 CFM, and 500 CFM. This one comes with a 3-step filtration stage. These are the outer and inner filters and the ionization stages.

Air filtration is a great option for garages, shops, wood shops, and workshops. The air filtration system has an ETL certification. This assures that the machine that you use is safe and complies with industry standards.

What We Like

  • The brand provides a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support
  • It purifies the air up to 500 sq. ft.
  • Chains and hangers come along with the package
  • The screen allows you to see the air quality warning

What We Don’t Like

  • The sensor feature works only through the remote
  • This is big and heavy and thus not specific for smaller rooms
  • The fan noise is loud according to some buyers

The Best Air Filtration System For WoodWorking

What are your views? We think Jet Air Filtration System is top-notch. All the features are brilliant and you get a 5-year warranty on it. Other brands do assure warranty but not for more than a year or two. Also, there are no fan noise issues.

But, if you do not want to spend much, try out the Abestorm Air Filtration System. In a cost-effective range, you get an amazing filtration system. A warranty is available and you can also see the air quality warning.

Air Filtration System (For WoodWorking) Buying Guide

Speed of the Fan

  • The Air Filtration System depends on the speed of the fan. Better the speed, the better the air quality. The lowest speed is 250 CFM while the highest is 1100 CFM.
  • The low speed will take time in removing the wooden dust particles and odor. The high speed can do it too fast.
  • But, as the Air Filtration System is portable you should always buy the one with speed settings. Even if you buy it for a larger area you might need it for a smaller space. Speed change settings help in such times.

  • If your work is lesser and there is not enough dust, you can adjust the speed according to the need.

Warranty from the Brand

  • While buying such machines you may come across manufacturing defects. This is why you need a warranty. Either for a year or 5 years, you should check if the company provides a warranty.

  • If you ever face issues with the wire, fan, or even filters you have time to replace the item or get a refund. There are many companies that provide free lifetime assistance along with a warranty.

Safety Certification

  • After qualifying for the safety tests, Intertek provides an ETL certificate. This certificate is proof that your machine is safe to use and it does not contain any harmful substance in it.

  • As per the latest norms, getting this certificate is a must. Many home items like ACs, refrigerators, etc. have this certificate.

Quality and Noise of the Fan

  • A good quality fan provides proper air filtration. Good quality fan gives enough speed to clear the air. Many customers often complain about the wobbling fans. The wobble of the fan affects the speed and hence the filtration.

  • Some of the Air Filtration Systems have fans that make a lot of noise. This noise creates a lot of disturbance. Make sure that the system you buy does not make noise of more than 55-60dB.
  • The quality, noise, and speed of these fans go hand in hand. Therefore, a good quality fan will provide better air quality and less noise.


An Air Filtration System For WoodWorking is a must. The harmful fumes of the wood add to bad health. Pollution is anyway a problem in the 21st century. Why compromise your health when you can stay fit?

We have many such product recommendations for your home and workshops. Read the Buying Guide and suggestions on our website.