7 Best Portable DVD Player for Cars (2024)

By Lisa S

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Naviskauto 10.5″ Dual Screen DVD/CD Player for Car
“Second screen has independent volume and screen controls which is an important function.”
Best Budget:: BioFun 17.5″ Portable DVD Player with 15.6″ Large HD Screen
“This DVD player has a large screen making it perfect for road trips.”
Best Customer Service: Vanku 10.1” Car DVD Player
“We have loved this. Great to keep my toddler occupied in the car.”
Best for International Travel: IMPECCA DVD Player
“My husband had a hard time finding a format that would work for the movies we had on a thumb drive but once he got it, it was smooth sailing from there!”
Best Design Upgrade: ARAFUNA Headrest DVD Player
“The player does not have any fancy tech, but the HD 1080P resolution gives you picture quality.”
Best Refund Policy: WONNIE 10” Dual Car DVD Player
“The installation was done in few minutes without any difficulties.”
Best Mounting System: FANGOR 7.5 Dual Screen DVD Player for Car
“For the price and what all comes with the DVD player this was a great purchase.”

Anyone who has been on a road trip with kids knows the importance of preventing boredom. For true peace of mind, why not try a portable DVD player?

Fortunately, we’ve done the research and can confidently recommend the best portable DVD players for cars. Here is what we’ve found!

Item 1: NAVISKAUTO 10.5″ Dual Screen DVD/CD Player for Car


Leading our list for best portable DVD players for cars is the Naviskauto brand. With its ability to synchronize from your cell phone, TV, and computer those family-favorite downloads and streaming services will be a breeze to access while traveling.

While a bit pricey, it is still a great value with many fantastic features, including an 18-month warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • Independent volume and screen controls for second screen
  • Last memory function so what you are watching will pick up where you left off
  • Comes both a wall charger and car charger
  • Supports region-free and multi-media discs as well as gaming systems


  • Battery only lasts 2-3 hours
  • Customers have mentioned in reviews that mounting may not be universal among all vehicles
  • Cables may not be long enough for your particular vehicle
  • Some customers felt that without headphones the sound wasn’t loud enough

Item 2: BioFun 17.5″ Portable DVD Player with 15.6″ Large HD Screen

BioFun item2

Featuring a widescreen that helps with the reduction of eye strain, easy-to-read function buttons for both children and the elderly, and an affordable price you can’t go wrong with this portable DVD player for cars.

BioFun brings to you a region-free DVD player that will provide your family with hours of entertainment.


  • Supports multiple formats as well as gaming
  • Anti-shock protection
  • Double speaker
  • Offers three power systems
  • High-definition quality


  • Customers have stated the battery does not last a full 6 hours
  • Sound quality isn’t great without headphones
  • Instructions not well-written
  • If not mounted, the machine can topple over if titled too far back

Item 3: Vanku 10.1” Car DVD Player with Headrest Mount for Kids

Vanku item3

Vanku has created a fun and easy-to-use traveling buddy for your family. This portable DVD player offers flexibility and an easy installation process. The numerous features make it a great option for you and your family.

While not the most inexpensive option available, it is affordable making this a great choice to keep your family entertained.


  • Offer multi-media support including video, audio, and image file formats
  • Auto memory function
  • Can watch one movie or two depending on how you set up connections
  • Clear picture quality
  • Remote is user friendly


  • Customers have mentioned problems with mounting hardware
  • Quality suffers in cold climates (40 degrees or below)
  • Not rechargeable so must remain plugged in
  • Headphones may not be the best quality

Item 4: IMPECCA DVD Player, Portable 10.1” Dual Screen DVD Player for Car


If you are planning an international or cross-country trip, the best portable DVD player for cars is Impecca DVD player. It features dual voltage options when traveling worldwide and can easily be taken from vehicle to hotel room in a convenient travel case.

Dual screens make this a fantastic option for families with more than one child. In addition, the clear picture quality makes watching movies and shows a pleasure.


  • Multiple transfer choices mean using your own memory card for your media
  • Includes subtitles and menu in various languages
  • Auto-resume
  • Includes all cables needed for successful installation
  • Arrives charged so it’s ready to go


  • Customers mentioned it is the DVD player and cords are easily accessible for small children in rear-facing seats
  • Ports aren’t clearly labeled
  • Volume can fluctuate and isn’t consistent with all movies
  • Remote isn’t the best

Item 5: Arufuna 10.1″ Car DVD Player

Arufuna itm5

The Arufuna portable DVD player is an excellent viewing companion for family travel with its safe and easy-to-install clamshell design. You’ll find it a cinch to sync with multiple formats including Kindle, X-Box, and Raspberry Pi.

And how can you go wrong with a 100% money-back guarantee? Take a chance with Arufuna!


  • Easy to change disc without removing the DVD player
  • Dual bottom speakers help eliminate interference from front seat noise
  • Region-free
  • Last memory recall
  • Comes with a headphone


  • Some customers reported skipping during travel
  • Instructions aren’t very clear
  • Screen has no movement and can’t be titled
  • Not rechargeable and must be plugged in

Item 6: WONNIE 10” Dual Car Portable DVD Player

WONNIE item6

Everyone knows that clear picture viewing is one of the most important requirements for a portable DVD player and with the Wonnie, you’ll get just that. You can also expect minimal glare with this dual system as well as great sound.

If you experience problems, don’t worry. You’ll get a fast response to all possible inquiries.


  • Dual speakers and earphone jacks
  • Easy installation with straps or hardware; includes pivot attachment
  • The remote is easy to navigate and use
  • Customers have stated that inserting a DVD is easy enough for younger children to do on their own
  • Region- free and auto-memory function


  • Most common customer complaint is poor picture quality with second screen
  • Main screen is rechargeable; slave screen is not
  • AAA batteries are not included for remote
  • Fully charged battery does not last quite as long as manufacturer claims

Item 7: FANGOR 7.5 Dual Screen Portable DVD Player for Car

FANGOR item7

Easy to operate and simple to install, the Fangor offers one of the best portable DVD players for cars. This is a new generation model with many improvements on features already appreciated by customers.

Is if improvements aren’t enough, you also get the Fangor promise of 100% customer satisfaction so there is little reason to not give this portable DVD player a try.


  • Compatible with various media formats
  • Can be used in many different countries
  • Dual speakers of great quality
  • Can be used with headphones or connected to car speakers
  • Region-free and easily hooked up to televisions


  • Not all .avi formats are compatible with this product
  • Second screen must stay connected to main screen while in use
  • Customers have reported issues with the second screen not working well
  • Some customers reported the cords are not long enough for vehicles

Our Winner

We’ve researched and reviewed many products and while we have given you our favorite choices, our winner is the NAVISKAUTO 10.5″ Dual Screen DVD/CD Player for Car. It has so many exceptional features and while pricier than other models, you do get what you pay for.

In our opinion, high customer ratings and an 18-month warranty make this the best portable DVD player for cars.

If you’re still unsure, that’s okay. We’ve included a buying guide to help you make informed decisions and a consumer and make the best choice for you and your family.

Buyer’s Guide

If you are a family that travels or someone who frequently runs errands, you’ll want a quality portable DVD player for your car but how do you know what to look for? What makes a portable DVD player for cars the best?

If you are in the market to purchase one and haven’t yet made up your mind, maybe these tips will help.

What are key features to look for in a portable DVD player for cars?

You’ll want to look for a screen size large enough to see and enjoy but one that also does not make portability difficult. Most consumers find that 7 to 10 inches is satisfactory and easy to transport.

Resolution will also play a factor in your decision. You’ll want a portable DVD player with at least a 720 x 480 standard resolution.

Depending on the length of your travels, the battery may be important. Do you require a long-life battery? Maybe you’ll need a rechargeable battery. The average battery charge can last around 5 hours but keep in mind this will depend on how the portable DVD player is used. Attaching a second screen will likely drain the battery faster.

Now let’s talk price. Most of us want the biggest bang for our buck. That goes without saying but know the prices for portable DVD players can vary widely. We would suggest choosing your price point, making a list of the most important features, and start from there when making a selection. You’ll also want to check manufacturer warranties and return policies.

What about cords? They can be so confusing!

Depending on how you will use your portable car DVD player you’ll need to have at least the following: AC power adapter, DC car power adapter, audio/video cable, and if you have a second monitor be sure you have a video/DC secondary monitor cable.

All manufacturers should be able to tell you exactly what cords come with your product and what additional cords you may need. If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What will I be able to watch?

The best portable DVD players for cars will offer compatibility options for many formats. We’ve noticed the most common question asked by consumers is regarding Blu-ray. Not all players are compatible with this format so if it’s important to you, be sure to find out before purchasing.

In our research, we have also discovered that not all players support all .avi file formats or all sd cards.


As previously mentioned, our choice for overall best portable DVD player for cars is the NAVISKAUTO 10.5″ Dual Screen DVD/CD Player for Car. We feel the high consumer rating makes it worth a look.