5 Best Smart Mug of 2024

By Lisa S

Having coffee so many times a day keeps the bad mood away. But, wait… Are you too busy to have a hot cup of coffee? Why don’t you try a Smart Mug?

This mug is smart enough that it does not let your cup of coffee get cold. Also, you need not go to the microwave to use it. Here are the top recommendations.

The Smartest Mug- Ember Stainless Steel Smart Mug

So far I love this thing. It does what it says it does, and I can sip my coffee at the perfect temperature for as long as I want.

Most Aesthetic- Visitoo S3 Pro Smart Mug

This mug is great. I like the fact that it’s black.

Most Classic- Bestinnkits Smart Mug

I like this a lot! It’s so nice sitting at my desk, getting lost in my work.

Best Features- EasyAcc Smart Mug

After having it for a few days I love it!

Best Value- TeaRoo Smart Mug

Perfect warmed for people who sit at a desk all day and want hot coffee.

Attending a meeting and having no time to warm up the coffee? No worries. Buy a Smart Mug. If you are a no coffee no work type of person, you need this mug. These mugs are also good for broth.

Not a coffee person? This mug keeps your cup of tea hot too. This one mug can provide you with many advantages. Order it right away before your tea/coffee gets cold.

Item 1- Ember Stainless Steel Smart Mug

Ember Stainless Steel Smart Mug

Ember is the first company to launch smart mugs. The finishing of the mugs from this brand is unmatchable. If you are up for something luxurious and out of the box, try this smart mug.

The 1.5-hour battery life keeps your coffee hot without the heating plate. If you place the mug on the heating plate, the coffee/tea stays hot the whole day. It is a great addition for a royal feel and to set the vibe of the day.

What We Like

  • 4 beautiful colors available
  • 2 sizes to choose from – 10 and 14 fluid ounces
  • The stainless steel material is scratch-resistant
  • The quality is durable
  • The coffee mug set charges faster

What We Don’t Like

  • You can’t charge it while the mug has the beverage in it
  • Connecting the mug and heating plate is a little difficult
  • People say the app is not user-friendly

Item 2- Vsitoo S3 Pro Smart Mug

Vsitoo S3 Pro Smart Mug

Do you want a smart mug that suits your desk setup? The S3 smart mug is one such aesthetic piece. The temperature options are available on the mug itself.

All you need to do is set the temperature as per your preference. With a 4-8 hours battery life, you can carry your coffee/warm water.

What We Like

  • This smart coffee mug has a touch sensor
  • The auto-sleep mode turns off the smart mug in absence of a beverage
  • The mug is waterproof and hence, it is washable
  • The package includes a BPA-free Sliding lid. It helps you carry your mug on the go

What We Don’t Like

  • The users say there is a rattling noise while the mug is in charge
  • The VSITOO app does not go well with the iOS system
  • The touch button is too sensitive. So, you need to take care of temperature changes all the time

Item 3- Bestinnkits Smart Mug

Bestinnkits Smart Mug

For your love of classic and timeless pieces, see this one. The heating plate is so simple yet eye-catching. The mug has a waterproof design.

The thick heating plate is a rare scene. For anyone clumsy, the thick warmer won’t break. And that just adds as a plus point.

What We Like

  • 4 classy colors to choose from
  • The heating plate turns ON when you place the mug on it. It turns OFF after you remove the mug
  • You can use any other mug with the warmer/heating plate
  • The features of the price-range are worth the investment

What We Don’t Like

  • The charging cord is not detachable
  • According to the customers, the warmer gets too hot

Item 4- EasyAcc Smart Mug

EasyAcc Smart Mug

Looking for some features in your mug? Try out EasyAcc Smart Mug. The design of the mug and warmer is great. If you like standard cups, you will like this mug.

The warmer of this mug supports a variety of cups. You can place a ceramic or a glass mug on it. It is compatible with milk cartons. But the only advice is to use cups with a flat base.

What We Like

  • This 20W smart mug has 3 temperature levels
  • The Electric Cup warmer shuts off on its own if there is no activity for 8 hours
  • The bottom of the warmer stays under 65 degrees. So there will be no desk damage
  • This is the only brand that provides a warranty of 18 months

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not warm the beverage too much
  • The charging cord is not removable

Item 5- TeaRoo Smart Mug

TeaRoo Smart Mug

Want a smart mug that does not hurt your pocket? TeaRoo is here. The auto-shut mode is a great feature. The one-touch sensor on the warmer makes your life easy. You can set the timer, and turn the warmer ON/OFF manually.

The heating surface has tempered glass. Hence, not only the mug but the warmer is also waterproof. The whole mug is lightweight and its smaller size makes it portable.

What We Like

  • The brand provides after-sales service
  • You can place boxed milk package on the smart mug heater
  • It is compatible with various materials like glass, ceramic, and steel
  • The design is sleek and compact

What We Don’t Like

  • It has 2 levels of temperature settings. Other brands have 3 levels
  • The warmer has no edges so the cup may fall down (of course by mistake)
  • The company does not assure any warranty

Our Winner

We would end up buying Ember Stainless Steel Smart Mug for so many reasons. We admire the look and properties of this mug. The colors are wonderful. Overall, this is a great mug.

Our second choice would be Bestinnkits Smart Mug. The price range is affordable and the features are good too. The heating plate is different yet effective. Also, remember that all smart mugs are usable with mobile applications.

Smart Mug Buying Guide

Heating Levels

  • A smart mug keeps your beverage warm. But how do you determine the temperature? For that, the mug or the warmer has the temperature setting. Different temperature levels are heating levels.
  • You can set the warmth level as per your need. Refer to the image below. This image clarifies the temperature levels.

  • Generally, the mugs/warmers have 3 levels for temperature setting. But, some brands like TeaRoo provide only 2 heating levels. You can buy either one as per your preference.

Cord VS Cordless

  • The heating plate has a cord connection that is permanent or detachable. The detachable cord is cordless designed.
  • You can connect the cord at both ends (power source and warmer) for charging. Once done, you can remove it and keep it aside. This allows you to carry your mug along with the heating plate. The only con is forgetting the cord at home.

  • If you carry the mug set with you all the time, keep the extra cord in the bag.
  • But, if the cord is not detachable, the portability hampers. This is also an issue as you will have to sit near the switchboard (while charging).

Size of the Smart Mug

  • If you like drinking coffee the whole day, you will need a bigger mug. Choose the size accordingly. Unfortunately, there is a problem with most of the brands. They make mugs of standard sizes. Ember makes 2 sizes available.
  • If you are okay with regular mug sizes then it is fine. But, if the mug size you want is not available, here is the trick. Buy a smart mug set that accepts other cups. EasyAcc Smart Mug lets you use steel, ceramic, or even glass mug on the warming plate.
  • With this trick, you can choose whatever size of mug you want. The only tip is to use a mug with a flat base.

Touch Sensor

  • Almost all smart mugs have a touch sensor. The only difference is that some have sensors on the heating plate while some are on the mug itself.
  • The problem occurs when the touch sensor is on the mug. You never know when your fingers will touch the sensor accidentally. It will lead to temperature change. This may not be a pleasant experience. Hence, prefer smart mugs that have a sensor touch on the warmer.


This was it for our 5 best smart mug suggestions. You will find the Buying Guide helpful. Either of your friends willing to buy a smart mug? Share the article with them. Let them purchase the best smart mug.

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