5 Best Bed Base Frame of 2024

By Lisa S

A good Bed Base Frame is as important as a good mattress. To fit the mattress well, you need a perfect base frame. Out of all the available options, we bring to you the 5 best options.

These bed frames are adjustable. You can align and adjust the bed as per your requirement. These bed frames also serve many other features. Have a look.

An All-rounder- Sven & Son

We really like this bed! It was easy to install.

Best Design- Leisland

The base is easy to plug in and the remotes worked perfectly right away.

Most Comfortable- iDealBed 5i

Very comfortable and firm the way I like it’s perfect just what I wanted.

Best Features- Yitahome

Absolutely perfect for me there’s a 20-minute timer. So if you fall asleep to the massage you don’t have to worry about waking up vibrating.

Budget-friendly- Allewie

Pretty easy to assemble metal frame seams are very strong.

We always complain about having an uncomfortable mattress. But do you know that sometimes even a bed frame gives discomfort? Finding the right mattress may take time. That is why check out the best Bed Base Frame for the utmost comfort.

These are not your regular bed bases. These are multi-functional. Each of the bed base frames has unique properties. Let us dive into the details.

Item 1- Sven & Son Bed Base Frame

Sven & Son Bed Base Frame

For all the “premium item” lovers, this is a brilliant adjustable bed frame. This brand is number 1 on our list because of its amazing features. Lumbar support, 30 minutes massage, and head tilt are some of them.

For relief to the aching body or neck pain, this bed is the most convenient.

What We Like

  • 6-bed sizes are available
  • 4 variants in adjustment and softness are available
  • You can adjust the bed by installing the app. Or else, you can also use the accompanying remote
  • It has an emergency power-down feature
  • There are dual USB charging stations on the base frame

What We Don’t Like

  • The package does not include a headboard
  • The base frame is too heavy. A single person cannot assemble it
  • The leg raise is too straight. It does not curve for the knees

Item 2- Leisland Split Bed Base Frame

Leisland Split Bed Base Frame

This bed base frame offers 4 positions. These include flat, anti-snore, zero gravity, and memory position. The base frame uses steel as the main material. Hence, it is durable and sturdy.

The massage motor is quiet and responsive for longer use. The design is simple yet comfortable. The classic shape allows you to place a standard mattress that fits well on the base.

What We Like

  • 3 intensity massage levels are available
  • The bed frame has a mattress retention bar. This prevents the mattress from moving
  • The bed base frame has a night light under it
  • The base frame is usable through Bluetooth and mobile application
  • The legs of the bed base are adjustable

What We Don’t Like

  • The massage is available for head and foot only
  • Only 3 basic sizes are available
  • The zipper cover is not waterproof

Item 3- iDealBed 5i Bed Base Frame

iDealBed 5i Bed Base Frame

If you are too conscious about the bed frame shape, try this out. For a mid-ranged price, iDealBead provides a luxurious feeling. The micro-bead grip fabric holds the mattress in place.

This bed base frame is ideal for all age groups but specifically for old people. The base allows you to get up from the bed effortlessly. The adjustments are perfect for the body and you get to relax well.

What We Like

  • You can choose from 8 different sizes
  • The bed frame provides deep-sonic rotating vibration levels. It stimulates blood flow and improves overall blood circulation.
  • The users say the vibration levels are powerful and relieve back pain
  • The remote has minimal buttons. Thus, you need not worry about accessibility

What We Don’t Like

  • The frame is too heavy and might need 3-4 people to assemble
  • Customers say the bed frame is not a wall hugger
  • The legs of the bed base frame may not be long-lasting

Item 4- Yitahome Bed Base Frame

Yitahome Bed Base Frame

If you are aware of home item brands, then you know about Yitahome. It is one of the leading companies in housing products.

The under-bed light and USB ports are additional features in this price range. If you wish to add a branded bed base frame, you must try out this one.

What We Like

  • The remote has a child lock option
  • The rigid metal makes the bed base frame sturdy and durable. It also adds extra stability to the bed
  • Assembling this bed base frame is the easiest

What We Don’t Like

  • Only 2-bed sizes are available and it does not include a king-sized bed frame
  • The company does not provide any warranty while the other brands do
  • The leg raise is not too high

Item 5- Allewie Adjustable Bed Base Frame

Allewie Adjustable Bed Base Frame

You can buy yourself a massaging bed base frame at the lowest cost. Allewie brings to you a cost-effective adjustable bed frame.

The bed frame has a metal body. This makes the bed base durable and of good quality. For a cost-effective range, you get to adjust the 4 modes in this bed frame like other bed bases. Also, the vibration motor is stronger with 6000N thrusts.

What We Like

  • 3 sizes and 2 styles are available
  • The bedside has a pocket to keep the remote
  • The vibrating motor produces noise of less than 46dB
  • The load bearing of this bed base frame is stronger than other frames. (This frame=900 lbs, other frames=750 lbs)
  • The remote has one-button intelligent control

What We Don’t Like

  • For some users assembling the bed takes time
  • It does not help with relieving the back pain for some buyers

Our Winner

After studying various components of a bed base frame, we vote on the Sven & Son Bed Base Frame. The quality is impressive. The body support properties and vibration modes are worth noting. There are many sizes to choose from.

If you are not ready to buy an expensive bed base frame, don’t worry. Allewie Adjustable Bed Base Frame is an affordable option. All the characteristics are amazing and the material is durable.

Bed Base Frame Buying Guide


  • The reason people buy these beds is because of their adjustment qualities. But, what if it has limited adjustments? See the review in the image below. The concern of this lady is genuine.

  • Hence, if you are buying such bed base frames for a patient, check for the elevation levels.
  • Apart from this, check if you can adjust the height of the bed base frame. If you are buying these for someone old, height adjustment is necessary.

  • If anyone is suffering from leg issues, they need a low-height bed. Make sure to buy a bed base frame with adjustable legs.
  • Leisland Split Bed Base Frame provides bed base frames with adjustable legs.


  • Warranty is essential as many times, parts break in no time. No matter how carefully you handle the items, the fabric may tear up. The brands including iDealBed offer a 10-year warranty on the bed frames.
  • The extended warranty on motors, power surges, and structural coverage is also available. Sven & Son provides such a service. It also offers Sleep Geekz’s 5-star customer service.
  • The warranty is an assurance and allows you to explore the item well. What happens with most adjustable bed frames is that the screws are loose. This may affect the overall experience. Hence, having assurance is a good step.

Your Priority

  • These adjustable bed base frames have vibrating motors. The motors vibrate giving your body relief from the pain and the ache. But, not all bed base frames have multiple vibration points. The Head and foot are the common massage points.
  • If your priority is to get rid of back pain, buy bed base frames with such massage points. iDealBed 5i Bed Base Frame has massage points for the head, back, and foot.

Material and Assembly

  • So far, metal is the most common material. It makes the bed base frames durable and stable. When the main material is plastic or other material, it makes irritating noises. These squeaky sounds may disturb your sleep.

  • Assembly is no doubt an important factor. Heavy material is hard to assemble alone. If you are someone with health issues, you might need help. Even if you are fit, some heavy bed frames are challenging to assemble.
  • Thus, make sure to be ready to call for help. It is so because almost all the adjustable beds are heavy. The durable material increases the weight of the bed base frame. Lastly, assembling is time-consuming. So be patient and assemble well.


These adjustable bed base frames give you the comfort you are looking for. Is there anything we did not mention? You can let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share our buying guide with those who are about to buy these bed frames.

Looking forward to revamping your bedroom? Check out some brilliant items here.