Best Pet Camera And Treat Dispenser

Are you worried about your pet whenever you feel like to leave him/her alone in the house? Well, you can now feel relaxed and happy and put a stop to all such worries with a Wi-Fi supporting Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser – best gift for your pet. Keep an eye on your favourite Furball, even when you are at your workplace or vacation and make them feel connected to you at all times, or help them stay out of trouble with the help of the best interactive tool and digital application available in today’s digital market. Watch, play or even talk to your furry friend remotely from any location by using your Smartphone or any other digital device.


Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser is a Wi-Fi supporting device that allows you to interact and communicate with your pet from wherever you are and at any time. These smart tools basically follow a simple rule of “Be there from anywhere”. That is, you can talk, play or have fun with your pet, even when you cannot be physically close to them.

These cameras are provided with an easy to install application that can be downloaded in your phone or tablet. Some manufacturers also allow their usage on the desktop or laptops for communication. Not only you can just talk or play with them, but you can also treat their taste buds to avoid hunger and starvation for food by feeding them with their favourite meals. It is attached with a unique Treat Dispenser, equipped with the latest functionality of Treat Launcher to feed your pet easily. This can also be a great helping friend to you and your pet that can leave a smile on his/her face whether you are away from home or just busy working in your office with no time to treat your pets. So, just go and buy any of the smartest devices, install at your home and add more fun and joy in to your pet’s life.

Some of the Best Interactive Tools for your Pets

There are numerous brands available in the market that are the best suppliers of such interactive tools and devices for your pets. Which device you wish to buy depends upon the functionality and features it possesses. Before buying one of the ultimate communicating device for your pet, you must have a look at the various three different products discussed in this article.

1. PetChatz HD Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser


  • Two Way HD Audio/Video System
  • Motion and Noise Sensing
  • Full Sensory Immersion



A small handy device carried in your pocket can add a ray of sunshine in your pet’s life. Play, smile, or talk with your pet by using the PetChatz app on your Smartphone. By connecting the device with your phone over an internet connection, you can watch the excitement on the face of your pet whenever you feel bored or alone.

Say hello to your all time favourite friend with the help of high quality audio and video system. As, it is equipped with a two way communication mode, that means not only you, but your pet can also initiate contact or interact with you anytime. Being a true pet parent, never let your pet feel down and alone at home and make sure that you shop the ultimate product for them that is designed with best in-class interactive functionalities.

Leave a big smile on your pet’s face by treating him/her with its favourite nutritional food using an exclusive Dispenser system attached to it. This system also helps you to make your pet feel calm and relaxed while you are not near to them by dispensing amazing scents around them.

2. Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser


  • See, Speak and Snap Modes
  • Wide angle camera with night vision
  • App controlled device
  • High quality audio
  • Universal Treat Launcher
See BetterBack On Amazon See Petzi On Amazon


This Treat Cam by Petzi is designed to operate in four different modes that can be switched according to the mood of your pet, which are described as follows:

See Mode: With this mode, you can watch all the excitement shown on your pet’s face whenever you are in a fun playing mood and pops in with your handy device.

Speak Mode: With this mode, you can say hello or even talk to your pet with the highest quality audio functionality. The soothing, familiar voice creates a natural protective environment for your precious pet.

Snap Mode: This mode lets you capture the candid photography of your pet which you can easily and instantly share on any of the social media through your digital device.

Treat Mode: The smart and unique Treat Launcher system helps you to dispense your pet’s favourite food and help them to smile being alone at home.

Apart from these basic mood switching modes specially designed for your pet, this Pet Treat Camera is equipped with a wide angle camera with an added functionality of night vision. That is, you can watch your pet even in dim light also.

3. Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser


  • LED Status Indicator
  • 110” ultra wide angle lens
  • Built-in laser dot game
  • Two way communication
  • Treat dispensing capability detachable tray
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This is a two way communicating device that is specially built with a 720p live streaming functionality with the help of which you can easily connect with your pet from any remote location at anytime. Its ultimate video capturing feature also lets you to directly download the activities of your pet in the drop box cloud storage at an responsive speed. The main important thing that makes this product unique in the market is the availability of built-in Laser Dot Game. This interactive dot chasing game comes with a multiple sound effect that will never let your furry friend feel bored while being alone at home. With single touch functionality you can easily add fun to your pet’s life, play and even talk with them.

All the iOS 6 and Android 4 or above users can now download the Pawbo app in their smart devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smartphone or tablet and can see, snap or play with their pets remotely from anywhere.

Not only it ends with this much, but you can also snap photos of your pet and family to share them instantly on any of the social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. So, go and get this easy-to-set-up device for you and share your love for your furry mate with your personal or social friend circle in an easy go.

Let’s take a look on the table below demonstrates the different capabilities and functionalities possessed by each product from different brands:

Pet Camera And Treat Dispenser Comparisons

Pet Cam BrandPetziPawboPetChatz
View on Amazon
View on Amazon
View on Amazon
Dimensions(inches)7.3 x 4.5 x 13.34.4 x 4.4 x 7.94 x 7 x 11
Weight3.6 lbs1 lbs4 lbs
Wi-Fi Support
Video Streaming SupportOne WayOne WayTwo Ways
On-Screen Display System
Sound SupportOne WayTwo WaysTwo Ways
Pet Initiated communication
Snap Shot Function
Remote Treat Dispensing System
Video Recording
Interactive Game
Comfort Scents
Motion and Sound Alerts
Video Resolution Quality720p720p720p
Night Vision Camera
Wide Angle Camera
iOS and Android AppFor iOS Only
1-Year Warranty


Buying Guide

When looking for a best Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser, you must look into the following basic functionalities and features that a device should possess:

  • A best in class interacting capability with a high quality audio and video system
  • Two way communication system (sound or video)
  • Snapshot capturing and video recording mode
  • Wide- angle camera to see your pet’s activities with a broad aspect

Apart from these basic features, some brand manufacturers also provide some other modest functionalities to treat your pet with the best of digital services while being away from them, they are:

  • Interactive Gaming System
  • On-Screen Display System for your pet to see you
  • Comfortable Scent Dispenser
  • Sound and Motion Alert System
  • Advanced Communication System designed for Pet Initiation
  • Nigh Vision System embedded in the Camera for a low-lit room

A few more points to consider

Many companies are designing and selling their products to match either the general or specific requirements of you or your pet. Some have ultra modern features and some have simple functionalities, but whichever you are willing to buy must have one or all the below mentioned features. So, it is recommended that before buying the perfect device for you as per your requirement, you should consider certain things, as like:

Interactive Wi-Fi Monitoring System

The interactive Pet Monitoring system with a Wi-Fi connecting capability is a most helpful functionality that lets you enjoy with your pet from anywhere and at any time. The best interactive Pet Camera is the one which comes with a two way communication system through which you and your pet both can communicate conveniently.

Easy Installation and Set-up

When it comes to buying a smart and digital device in your home, it is always a concern of how to install and set-up such devices if you are not a technical person. Always prefer products that are easy-to-install and the box contains an easy to guide user manual which will guide you about each and every step to be followed while installing it with the help of pictures.

Day and Night Camera

Choose an efficient Pet Camera system with an excellent night vision functionality to monitor your pet even in a low-lit room. This modest feature will let you track all the good pals of your pet even in the dark also, by providing an extra layer of protection.

Fun Loving Tool

Consider Pet Camera System with a built-in gaming functionality that helps your pet play and have fun anytime whenever he/she is feeling alone or bored at home.

Pet Surveillance Camera with a Motion Detector

A Pet monitoring system with a Motion Detector is a plus point for any pet parent looking to strengthen up their home security system. This added specialty in any Pet Camera will sense the motion of your pet and triggers an alert immediately on your smart device or send notifications to your email also.


There are many comparable features that make each product unique in itself and which should be considered in mind while shopping for the best Pet Camera and Treat System for you and your pet. With this article, every pet parent will get a clear picture of which product comes out to be the most interactive and good in usage in terms of the connection, technology or price.

In today’s modern world, everyone is busy in their daily routines and lives, due to which sometimes, they don’t get time to play or have fun with the pets in their home, which make them feel neglected. While you are at work, or going out for dinner away from your best playing friend for a long period of time, the product designed with the highest quality digital system and stunning Wi-Fi connecting mode is the most efficient tool to stay connected with your pet from anywhere in the world.

So, don’t let them feel unloved or uncared for a single moment and purchase one that fits in your requirements and your budget.