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The following guide will help you determine the Best Universal Remote based on your needs. Using specific criteria such as function, ease of use and programmability as well as price, we’ve determined the Best Universal Remote available on the market today.

If you’re searching for a Best Universal Remote that is affordable and will serve as the perfect control center for your home theater system, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done all the research for you to create this comprehensive guide to universal remotes.

About Best Universal Remote

We live in an ever-growing world of technology. For most households, it isn’t uncommon to have several electronics connected to a television. With so many electronics many of us find ourselves with entirely too many remote controls. How do you end the clutter? The perfect solution is a universal remote.

Also called bmulti-brand remotes, universal remotes allow the user to control an entire home theater with one device. With technology as advanced as it is, it’s not difficult to find a Best Universal Remote that will easily work with just about any brand of electronics.

Universal remotes can serve a multitude of functions including programming your television, controlling volume as well as the ability to set image/picture quality along with many other functions. You’ll find some remotes can do more than others. It may be difficult to decide on the Best Universal Remote for your home and that’s where this guide will help. This in-depth look at the most popular remotes available will make shopping a breeze!

Compare: Universal Remote

Features Logitech Harmony 650 Inteset INT-422 Logitech Harmony Ultimate
Logitech-Harmony-650 Inteset INT Logitech-Harmony-Ultimate
WiFi Control
How many devices can it control? 8 devices ability to support 4 additional devices 15 devices
Batteries 2 AA
2 AA
(Hub included)
Item Weight 7.2 ounces 0.8 ounces 5.6 ounces
Dimensions 8.75 x 1.3 x 2.3 inches 7 x 1.5 x 2 inches 7.3 x 1.2 x 2.2 inches
Channel Icons
Layout optimize for DVD/Tivo
Connectivity Technology Infrared Infrared
Input devices USB
One-Touch Activity Button
Monitor Sensor
Battery Status indicator
Photo Slide show
Downloadale Device Codes
Learning mode
Programmable Custom buttons
Max operating disance / 65ft
Child restriction    

Popular Supported Device

DVD Player  
Sattelite or Cable Box  
Home Control
Sound System
B Projector


Touch screen  
ColourB display
Type of battery 2AA Lithium-ion
Power cradle  
Sculpted Buttons
Backit controls

Help,Support & Setup

Guided Online Setup
Infrared learning
Help-button assistance
Interactive help
User’s Guide
Remote wizard


Warranty 1 Yr 1 Yr 1 Yr
Included Accessories 2AA 2AA AC power adapter
Included Cable  

Supported Configuration

Windows XP  
Windows Vista  
Mac OS
Windows 7
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon

Universal Remote Reviews:

Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared All in One Remote Control, Universal Remote, Programmable Remote (Silver)

Logitech Harmony 650 Infrared2


  • Quick commands that allow you to see and easily choose commands for the device you’ve selected
  • Smart display
  • An online database that will support 225,000+ devices and 5,000+ brands
  • The ability to add both old and new components
  • The ability to control all device functions
  • Activity buttons that work with one click
  • A help button so you’ll always have answers to questions at your fingertips
  • Easy to set up instructions

See Logitech Harmony 650 On AmazonSee Harmony 650 On Amazon

The Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote can replace eight remote controls. Replacing that many remotes will go quite a long way towards reducing the clutter and confusion of multiple remote devices. With the bright color screen, it’ll be a cinch to go right to your favorite channels, too.

You’ll find that with this Best Universal Remote the button placement makes sense. No more searching for the right button that seems out of place. The buttons are also backlit so they’re easy to find in the dark and the remote itself has an ergonomic shape making it comfortable to hold.

What you’ll need to set-up the remote:

  • Windows PC (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP)
  • MAC OS X 10.6 or later
  • A USB port
  • Access to the Internet

Once you’ve connected to the Internet and download the software, you’ll be given clear instructions on each step of the installation process. The tedious process of searching codes is obsolete with this remote!

Included with the purchase is 1 remote control, a USB cable, 2 AA batteries and detailed user documentation. Given the capability of this universal remote, the product is quite affordable so if you’re looking for that one universal remote that can handle all your electronics, this is an excellent choice.

Inteset INT-422 4-in-1 Universal Backlit IR Learning Remote for Apple TV, Xbox One, Roku & Media Center

Inteset INT


  • Volume lock
  • Macro programming
  • Button labels that you can apply where needed
  • Channel lock
  • Full backlighting
  • An ergonomic design

See Inteset On AmazonSee Inteset On Amazon

This is a remote perfect for those who are avid users of streaming devices like Nvidia Shield, Apple TV, XBox One as well as Roku and Windows Media Center. You’ll find this is a high-end product without the high-end price tag.

The only real drawbacks to this universal remote are the somewhat mushy feel to the buttons and no way to control the illumination of the buttons. Those are relatively minor issues but may be important to some users.

This remote can handle up to four devices and comes pre-programmed for Apple TV, XBox One, Roku (this excludes the stick) and Media Center. It’s simple to find the right program codes via Intesets website. You’ll receive with purchase the remote, user guide, batteries and button labels. Everything you need to get started is included and this universal remote is a fantastic option for anyone who regularly uses these popular streaming devices.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One IR All In One Remote with Customizable Touch Screen Control

Logitech Harmony Ultimate


  • Color touch screen with swipe and touch capability
  • A convenient charging station
  • Control that can be easily customized
  • A database that supports over 225,000+ devices and 5,000+ brands
  • Easy navigation with both the screen and buttons with sensor motion activated backlighting
  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Ergonomic design for comfort

See Logitech Harmony One On AmazonSee Harmony One On Amazon

Logitech makes our list again of one of the best universal remotes and there is good reason. The Logitech Harmony Ultimate Universal Remote is loaded with features and functionality. It’s easy to use and will make the perfect addition to any home theater system.

With this remote you can add up to 50 of your favorite channels to make them easily accessible. You’ll find that navigating your television, favorite movies, music and games simple and you can replace 15 separate remotes with this one rechargeable remote control. Some might find the price a bit aunting but the possibilities of this remote make it worth the investment.

What You provide:

  • Windows based PC or MAC operating system
  • USB port
  • Internet Access

Logitech supplies:

      • The remote
      • A rechargeable battery
      • Charging station
      • USB cable
      • AC adapter
      • All user documentation

This is a superior universal remote for those who appreciate ease of use and incredible functionality.

Buying Guide For Best Universal Remote

Universal remotes have greatly improved since their introduction in 1985 and they continue to evolve with changing technology trends. It can be difficult to know exactly what features to look for when choosing a universal remote, so let’s break down the basics:

  • Keypad (numeric)
  • Power button
  • Channel and volume controls
  • D-pad
  • Set button

While basic features may be enough for some users, others will require more advanced options. If you do prefer advanced options, look for a remote that has been pre-programmed with a large variety of brands and devices, the ability to connect to a PC for easy set-up, macro commands that allow the user one-button control for certain functions, a touch screen or well-lit LCD screen and qualities that enhance operation.

Typically, smaller home theater systems won’t require a highly functional universal remote with advanced features; however, if you’ve got a large entertainment set-up with multiple devices, a more technological advanced universal remote may be the way to go. So, how do you know how to purchase the best universal remote? It’s quite simple. Give these criteria some thought before making a purchase:

  • Your budget how much do you wish to spend?
  • Your reason for buying a universal remote  do you need to control many electronic devices or only a few?
  • Replaceable or rechargeable batteries  which do you prefer?
  • The weight and size you desire  you be surprised how much comfort plays a role so determine if an ergonomic design is something you need and/or want.
  • Features you might desire such as illuminated buttons, one-touch controls, the ability to control from your smart phone, etc.
  • The ability to add newer electronics when needed  does the universal remote you’re interested in have the ability to add new electronics? Will you be upgrading or changing your home theater system and keep the universal remote?
  • Do you need a universal remote that is Wi-Fi enabled?
  • Does radio frequency matter? Do you need to be able to control your electronics from various locations in your home?
  • Do you desire a universal remote that can control more than your entertainment devices? There are universal remotes available that can also control security features in your home, lights and thermostats.

If you’re undecided about purchasing a universal remote, consider the benefits. You’ll be investing in a remote that can replace multiple remotes thereby making less clutter and providing a more pleasant television, streaming device and/or gaming experience.

You’re also gaining convenience. How great would it be to push a single button and have one remote fire up all your devices for you? In addition, if you choose one that works with other electronic devices in your home (such as security systems, lights and temperature control) you’re also getting added safety for your family and a potential yearly savings on your electric bill.

Something else to consider: universal remotes are not difficult to setup like they once were. The older ones required searching for codes which could be frustrating. You also ran the risk of not finding the code you need. Those days are long gone. With the use of advanced technology, universal remotes now come pre-programmed with thousands of brands so programming now is incredibly simple and can often be done with the click of one button.

The bottom line is it comes down to personal choice and your needs as a consumer. Careful consideration will help you to make the right choice. The options are many as far as brand and styles are concerned but by narrowing down your needs and doing a bit of research, it will be relatively simply to make an informed decision.


It goes without saying you’ll want the best you can find in a universal remote and from our guide, webd recommend the Logitech Harmony Ultimate One IR All in One Remote with Customizable Touch Screen Control. Yes, it’s the costlier of the ones listed but it’s also well worth it.

You’ll find this remote offers the best features, the most functionality and the best operation. It is a superior quality, easy to use remote with all the most advanced technological features. It’s also quite durable and will provide you and your family the perfect way to eliminate multiple remotes and control your home entertainment say stem with only one.

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