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If you are someone who appreciates clean carpet, then you will likely want to invest in a Best Carpet Cleaners. There are many brands and styles on the market and choosing one could prove to be challenging.

Let our guide help you. We’ve carefully researched carpet cleaners using criteria such as ability to clean, longevity, weight, special features, tools, ease of use and cost. You will find here a comprehensive buying guide along with detailed reviews to help you select the right Best Carpet Cleaners for your home.

About Best Carpet Cleaners

For most of us, a clean home is priority. We vacuum but often neglect to deep clean our carpet on a regular basis. Doing so not only helps to keep your home smelling fresh but there are advantages, as well.

Using a carpet cleaner helps to maintain the quality of your carpet, removes allergens and let’s face it, truly clean carpets make our homes look better.

Doing this yourself isn’t as difficult as you may think. Carpet cleaners have come a long way and are now much more lightweight and simple to use. They are also more economical than hiring a professional or renting a machine.

Yes, they may be an expensive item to purchase but you are only making the purchase once. This adds up to substantial long-term savings.

Hiring a professional or renting a carpet cleaner are options but not necessarily smart ones. Hiring someone to come into your home isn’t always safe. There is also the added risk of having hired help make mistakes that could cost you added expense.

Renting might be convenient but how can you know you’re getting a good machine? And do you really want to have to lug a carpet cleaner back and forth plus pay hidden rental fees? Your safest bet is to invest in a carpet cleaner and do the job yourself.

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*Please note that ratings are based on a 5-star rating scale.

FEATURES Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner – Corded Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner
RATING B 4.4 4.4 4.5

Clean water: 1 gallon

Dirty water: 1 gallon

3 gallon 1.1 gallon
ADDITIONAL CLEANING TOOLS Hand Tool, Stair Tool, Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool Stair Tool and Tough Stain Tool Upholstery Tool
WEIGHT 19 lbs 13 lbs 24lbs
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Best Carpet Cleaners Reviews:

1. Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner:


This is a lightweight machine weighing less than 19 lbs. that has 4 handles for ease of portability. It is simple to assemble b only 2 screws to attach the handle b and it’s even easier to use. It features what Hoover calls SpinScrub technology which works 360-degrees to clean thoroughly all sides of carpet fibers.

This carpet cleaner has a dual tank system that allow you to clean with soap and water then rinse with water only. The tanks are easily operated with one switch. It also has an automatic detergent mixing feature that saves you the time and trouble of having to do it yourself.

The machine does use heated air to lift dirt and remove stains as well as dry carpets but you may find that even with the hot air, drying time can take a bit longer than desired as it leaves the carpet fairly wet. Included with the carpet cleaner are tools for upholstery, stairs and crevices as well as a scrubbing hand tool. You’ll also get cleaning solution and a mesh bag to store tools.

Overall, this is an affordable carpet cleaner that does a great job in households with pets and kids. Note that if you are doing a heavy cleaning on exceptionally soiled carpet, you will likely need to refill the tanks several times. Know the slower you go, the better this machine cleans.

2. Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner b Corded:


Great for spot cleaning or for use in small homes, apartments or even RVs, this is an easy to use carpet cleaner. It’s also a good choice for cleaning carpeted stairs, area rugs, furniture and car upholstery. Its compact design makes it simple to transport and store, too.

It has a powerful suction and good scrubbing action. The tank capacity is 3 gallon and included with the carpet cleaner are a 6-inch stair tool and a 3-inch tool for tough stains. The power cord is 22-feet long. There is a 5-foot hose but it’s worth mentioning that the hose could be sturdier and unfortunately, if it cracks or breaks the replacement hoses are pricey. Aside from the hose, the machine itself seems quite sturdy.

You’ll get a trial size of Bissell’s deep cleaning formula carpet cleaner which contains Scotchgard protection to help prevent future stains. It comes ready to use so no assembly is necessary and weighs only 13 lbs. Just as a note, this is an extraction cleaner and not a steam cleaner.

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable spot cleaner that does a good job and gets in hard to reach spaces, this is a carpet cleaner worth trying. It works especially well for use on pet accidents.

3. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner:



Rug Doctors aren’t just for rent anymore but understand this machine is not commercial quality. If you’re expecting an industrial machine like those that are rented, you’ll be disappointed. Having said that, it is still a fantastic carpet cleaner.

This machine works with dual action brushes located under the machine that clean all sides of the carpet Fiber. This provides a deeper, more thorough cleaning. There is also a feature called SuperBoost made for tough stains and heavily soiled areas. The tank size is a generous 1.1 gallons.

Other features include wheels made to roll easily on carpet, easy open cap on the tank, an upholstery tool and removable tool caddy. You’ll also get a built-in measuring cap to insure you use the right amount of cleaning solution. The worst that can be said about this machine is that it’s rather difficult to maneuver so expect to put a bit of elbow grease into pushing/pulling.

This carpet cleaner is the priciest model on our list but as far as cleaning goes, it functions better than other models. It is an excellent choice for homes with large carpeted areas, kids and pets. It’s got great suction, handle height adjustment which makes it ergonomically-friendly and for a regular size machine, it’s fairly easy to store because the handle easily folds down.

Buying Guide for Best Carpet Cleaners:

All of us want clean homes and part of that is keeping the floors clean, especially if you have carpet. Before we dig deeper into purchasing a carpet cleaner, let’s talk advantages of using one. There are clear benefits to shampooing your carpet regularly. By doing so you will:

  • Extend the life of your carpet.
  • Remove allergens and toxins from carpet, which is especially needed for anyone who suffers from allergies. These pollutants can include pet dander, every day dust, dirt from outside and even gases that are airborne.
  • Remove dust mites. Most homes have these and while the mites themselves aren’t harmful, their feces and body particles can be if inhaled.
  • Prevents the growth of mold. This is helpful in high humidity areas where moisture can get tracked into your home and onto your carpet.

TIP: Before shopping for a carpet cleaner, be sure to check your carpet manufacturer’s guide for information on how to clean and how often you should clean. Be sure to take the info into consideration when purchasing a carpet cleaning machine and follow those guidelines carefully so you don’t void the warranty.

Now let’s look further into how you choose a carpet cleaner. There are several factors you should think through:

  • Size and capability: Large homes with carpeted rooms, kids, a lot of traffic and/or pets will benefit from a larger upright carpet cleaner. They are heavy duty machines with more power and wider tracks that can tackle larger jobs easier. For apartments, it might be beneficial to purchase a smaller spot-clean type machine that is easier maneuver and carry.
  • Cord length: If you plan to use your carpet cleaner in large spaces, be sure you have a cord long enough to reach where you need to go without having to unplug/plug too often.
  • Hoses: Long hoses are helpful when reaching high places; 5-feet is an adequate hose length.
  • Tank: Tank size matters. Whether a single or dual tank machine, you want a tank large enough to handle the job without having to empty and fill often. The less refills you have to make the less time you’ll spend cleaning.
  • Storage: Don’t purchase a carpet cleaner you can’t easily store in your home. Give thought to the amount of space you have before buying.

Those are just the basics. There are additional features you may want to consider:

  • Belt-free: Like regular vacuum cleaners, some cleaning machines have belts. To remove the hassle of having to replace the belts, you may prefer a belt-free model.
  • Brushes: Some carpet cleaners having a brush that moves only when you push the machine and others have no brush at all. You’ll also find models that have brushes that move on their own which offer a deeper scrub.
  • Attachments/Tools: The great thing about carpet cleaners is some come with tools that can be used for various jobs like cleaning bare floors, stairs or upholstery making the machine a multi-tasker.
  • Indicator Lights: You may prefer a model that has indicator lights letting you know when the tanks need to be refilled or emptied.
  • Automatic shut-off: Another nice feature to have is an automatic shut-off; there are models that have a sensor to stop extraction when the dirty water tank is full.

You all also find there are other items in your home that will benefit from a carpet cleaner:

  • Draperies: These can be a chore to clean and costly to dry-clean so why not use an attachment on your carpet cleaner and take the hard work out of cleaning your drapes and curtains?
  • Mattresses: One of the hardest things in your home to get thoroughly clean, right? Use your carpet cleaner to remove dust mites, dead skin cells and stains from your mattress.
  • Car upholstery: Pay someone a ton of money to detail your car or do it yourself and save a bundle? Easy choice!
  • Comforters/bedspreads: Use your carpet cleaner to spot clean these items simply and efficiently.
  • Furniture: Stains are a cinch to remove with the use of a carpet cleaner and the right attachment.
  • Hardwood floors: If you have both carpet and hardwood floors in your home, look for a carpet cleaner than can handle both.

One last thing to think about before purchasing a carpet cleaner b cleaning solutions. Most require the use of commercial cleaning solutions. These typically have chemicals in them although they are considered safe. If you’d prefer to stay away from chemicals and use a green option, check the Carpet and Rug Institute’s website for ideas or research homemade recipes for cleaning solutions. Just be warned that using something other than the manufacturer’s recommendation could void out any warranty you have on your machine.


After careful consideration, we’ve chosen The Rug Doctor as our most recommended Best Carpet Cleaners. With the company’s reputation and their stellar level of customer loyalty, we feel this is the best choice. It out performs the other carpet cleaning machines and we especially like there are two options for cleaning as not all areas need to be cleaned the same.

Yes, this carpet cleaner does cost more than the others listed in our guide but given its capability, it’s a worthy investment in your home. Carpeting isn’t cheap and you want it to last as long as possible.This means giving it great care and choosing a Best Carpet Cleaners that will keep your floors clean while at the same time not being too harsh. A healthy, clean home means truly clean carpets so if this is your goal, give The Rug Doctor a try.

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